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Reorder works in Showrooms and Compilations

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A well-organized showroom can enhance the presentation of your artworks. With the following steps, you can easily adjust the order of artworks in your showroom, either through filtering options or manual numbering:

  1. Go to the showroom and click on the “Works” section.
  2. Look for the “Sort Works” option, located next to the search engine, and click on it.
  3. A new window will open, allowing you to customize the order of artworks.
  4. Use the available options to adjust the order. You can apply filters to apply specific criteria that influence the order or manually drag and drop artworks to the desired position.
  5. Alternatively, you can assign numbers to the artworks to determine their order. Simply click on the respective artwork and assign it a number.
  6. Save the changes you made.

Give it a try and make your showroom more attractive for your customers!