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Connect a Shopify webshop

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Advantages of using Shopify with ARTBUTLER NEXT?

With the ARTBUTLER NEXT webshop connection for Shopify, selling your artwork becomes easier, faster and more effective.

  • Direct payment options for your online showrooms
  • Send individual payment links to your customers
  • Upload artworks to your own webshop with one click and sell them easily on Instagram, WhatsApp or other channels.


How do I connect my ARTBUTLER NEXT account with Shopify?

  1. Please activate the function ‘Shopify connection’ in the general settings of your ARTBUTLER NEXT account in the ‘subscription and billing‘ section for 10.00 EUR + tax / monthly

  2. Create a Shopify account (the Shopify STARTER PLAN is sufficient).

  3. Configure a webshop in your Shopify account.

  4. In Shopify, find and install the ARTBUTLER NEXT app in the Shopify App Store.

  5. Follow the 5 steps on the app configuration page to connect your ARTBUTLER NEXT account to Shopify → Connection to Shopify is established.

  6. Mark the desired works in your ARTBUTLER NEXT account and select “Export to Shopify” in the Action menu → Your work data is now transferred to Shopify.

  7. Go to Shopify and your works are visible in your Shopify account and Shopify webshop → Your Shopify webshop is ready to sell your works.

  8. In your ARTBUTLER NEXT Account, all works that have already been transferred to Shopify are now marked with a Shopify icon.


How do I offer direct payment or inquiry options in my online showroom?

  1. Create a showroom in your ARTBUTLER NEXT account by clicking the ‘+ Create Showroom’ button and select the works that have already been transferred to Shopify or any other works.
  2. In the general settings of the showroom, select the status filters for works: ‘Reserved’ and ‘Available’ to avoid displaying works that have already been sold.
    • Also, activate the ‘Show enquiry option’ and select ‘Enquiry’.
    • Activate the ‘Show buy button’.
    • Activate ‘Publish Showroom’
      :info: Note: If you make any changes to your showroom later on, it may take up to 2 minutes until they are visible due to your cache.
  3. Click on the Showroom link, open your showroom, and you now have the works with a ‘Buy Now’ link that have already been transferred to Shopify and all other works get the ‘Enquiry’ button
  4. Now you can share the showroom link with potential buyers. To do this, go to the Actions’ menu in the Showroom overview and click ‘Share’.


How can customers buy artworks in my online showroom?

  • When customers click on the ‘Buy Now!’ link in your showroom, a payment form opens to complete the online purchase.
  • Shipping and payment method can be selected by the customer in this step, depending on the options you have configured in advance in your Shopify account.
  • If the work is sold, you will see the corresponding sales info in your ARTBUTLER NEXT account and the work will automatically be marked as sold and will no longer be displayed in your showroom.
  • You can view the info about sold works via Shopify at any time in your NEXT account via the search filters in the works list.
  • An invoice for the sale is generated either directly via Shopify: for this purpose there is the possibility to install additional apps, like ‘Order Printer’ and many more. Or the invoice is created manually by yourself in the traditional way.