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Embed showroom on your own website

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You can embed your ARTBUTLER showrooms directly on any website, including a preview image, title and description, just as you would with YouTube videos, for example. For example, you can create an attractive overview of your showrooms on your own website or display the showrooms of different users as an overview as part of a joint event such as gallery weekends, open studios or similar.

Here we show you how easy it is:

Integrating a showroom on a website

  1. Open the detail page of your showroom in ARTBUTLER NEXT
  2. Make sure that your showroom is published (“Publish showroom” button)
  3. Scroll to “Embed code” and click on the icon to the right to copy the entire code
  4. Switch to the edit mode of the website on which you want to link the showroom with preview image.
  5. Make sure that you are in HTML or, depending on the system, source code mode and paste the copied code… Save and you’re done!
    Tip: in WordPress with Elementor you can use the HTML widget for this.

Optional detailed settings

  1. Show description: If you also want to show the showroom description as part of the preview, simply activate the corresponding checkbox above the field before copying the embed code.
  2. Detail formatting: The embed code is prepared so that it adopts global design settings of the website on which the preview appears. To make further settings, you can also address and format the elements directly via CSS, with .embed-showroom__image you can address the image and, for example, center it with object-position: center, for the title you can achieve the same with embed-showroom__text and text-align: center.