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Display artists without a detail page

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You would like to display the name of one or more artists on the Artists overview page of your website, but do not want to provide a detail page for them, e.g. because you cannot, are not allowed to or do not want to display further information such as works or biography? Here’s how to do it!

Show artist name without link to detail page

Artists marked with the category “WS:artistpage” are automatically displayed on the overview page of your website with a link to a detail page. On this detail page you can, for example, provide works, biographical data and other additional information about the respective artist. To display the name on your overview page without a link to a further page on the artist, go to “Artists” in WordPress and select Quick Edit > activate the checkbox “private” > Update for the corresponding artist record.

The name will now be displayed on your artist page without a link and the details page will no longer be accessible to visitors. Please note that you can still access this page as long as you are logged into WordPress.

To display the link again, go to Artists > Find artist in list > Quick Edit > Remove “private” checkbox > Update.