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You want to create a list of works or a portfolio with just a few clicks? We have the perfect solution for you! You have a selection of templates to choose from, for a quick PDF export. It has never been so easy!

Create your document step by step

To create a list of works or a portfolio with specific details, you can do it in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the section from which you want to export data.
  2. Select the corresponding works you want to export.
  3. Click on “Apply action” and choose the “Export as PDF” option from the dropdown menu.
  4. Various templates will be available for you to choose from. Select a template that suits your preferences.
  5. Determine the desired language, font, dimensions, and pricing type for your document.
  6. Use the checkbox lists to select the information you want to include in your exported document.
  7. Click on “Export” to be redirected to the editing page.
  8. On the editing page, you can add additional text to your document if desired.
  9. Everything looks good? Click on “Export to PDF” and download your new document.

Which templates can I use? 

We offer 9 different templates for you to choose from:

  • Label with image
  • Worklist with 5 works per page in portrait format
  • Worklist with 10 works per page in landscape format
  • Label
  • Portfolio
  • Portfolio with additional images
  • Portfolio with description
  • Portfolio with artist info and description
  • Worklist with flexible height

What font options are available for PDF documents? 

Can I make changes after the export?

 Yes, you can add additional text or make changes on the editing page after the export. However, please note that the editing options are limited. It is recommended to make all necessary changes before exporting the data.”