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Add Showrooms to Presentation

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When you create a new presentation, all published Online Showrooms are automatically used for it. If you want to limit the selection of Showrooms for your presentation, do this via filters:

  1. Add a category to all online showrooms you want to include in the presentation. you can do this in your showrooms overview with bulk editing by selecting all online showrooms you want to inlcude, clicking ‘Apply Action’ and then ‘Bulk Edit’ > ‘Add tags’, and name the tag as you wish e.g. ‘Art Basel ‘.
  2. Now you can create a presentation or open an existing one. Click on the ‘Edit Showrooms Overview’ tab > in the navigation on the right side click on the pencil icon of ‘Showroom-list’ > in the ‘Filter’ field at the very top you can now select one or more tags to filter the selection of showrooms to decide which should be added to your presentation.